• Protective Tapes

    3M Protective Tapes

    Short term surface protection against scratching, marring, chipping, abrasion, and UV. These rugged 1 to 5 mil tapes adhere and conform to protect product surfaces during production, packaging, shipping and installation.

    Polyethylene Tapes

    • Transparent with good abrasion resistance
    • Cost-effective

    UV Tapes

    • Transparent or blue with enhanced outdoor UV resistance

    Carpet Tapes

    • Transparent with easy unwind

    Cold Seal Tapes

    • Clear film seals to itself for packaging small parts

    Co-Extruded "A" Tapes

    • Puncture resistance and break strength surpass many typical LDPE films

    Co-Extruded Black/White Tapes

    • UV resistance up to 6 months

    Polyester Tapes

    • Best choice for clarity with excellent heat and puncture resistance

    Polypropylene Tapes

    • Good resistance to heat, abrasion and UV
  • Scotch Box Tape

    Scotch Box Sealing Tapes

    3M offers a full line of high performance, consistently reliable carton sealing systems. Scotch Box Sealing Tapes deliver quality, to keep your line moving and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival.

    Colors Available:

    • Clear
    • Tan
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Custom printed available
  • test TTP Tape

    tesa Tensilized Polypropylene Tapes

    tesa TPP tapes offer features and functionality that go well beyond common packaging and bundling tapes. As some of the strongest tapes on the market, tesa TPP tapes provide industrial strength you can rely on time and time again.

    Tape types:

    Residue-Free Superior Grade
    • High strength
    • Stain resistant
    • Adhesive transfer resistant
    • Chemical and water resistant
    Low Surface Energy (LSE) Grade
    • Clean removability
    • No delamination upon removal
    • Superior tensile strength
    • High adhesion
    • Thin backing
    High-performance Grade
    • Heat and cold resistant
    • Strong and comformable
    • Residue free removal from most surfaces
    • High resiliency
    • UV resistant
    Specialty Grade

    tesa has a wide variety of specialty grade TPP tapes for many situations. Whether you are looking for something to handle high load something higly flexible.

  • Tesa Specialty Tapes

    tesa Specialty Tapes

    tesa offers a wide variety of specialty, pressure sensitive adhesive tape solutions. tesa is one of the world's largest manufactures of adhesive tapes in the world.

    Tapes Available:

    Double Sides Permanent Mounting
    • Transfer
    • Tissue
    • Woven
    • Film
    • Foam
    • Heat-Activated Films
    • Paper
    • Fine-Line
    • General Purpose
    • Painters Grade
    • Surface Protection
    Tensilized Polypropylene(TTP)
    Tear Tape
    Carton Sealing
  • Primetac Tapes

    Primetac Pressure Sensitive Tapes

    Primetac offers a wide range of pressure sensitive tapes.

    Tapes Available:

    • Solvent Natural Rubber Carton Sealing Tapes
    • Silent Release/No-Noise Tapes
    • Mopp Tensilized Strapping Tapes
    • Acrylic Carton Sealing Tapes
    • Filament Tapes
    • PVC Film Tapes
    • Duct Tapes
    • Printed Tapes
  • 3M Masking Tape

    3M Masking Tape

    In this simplified line of tapes, you will find a range of such characteristics as adhesive holding power, line sharpness, and clean removal.


    • Instant adhesion at a touch
    • Easy tear without stretching or pulling
    • Controlled unwind
    • Conformability to stretch and adhere around curves
    • Thin caliper to help prevent edge buildup
    • Smooth to the touch
    • Flake resistant backing for anchoring paint
    • Resistance to solvent penetration


    • Low Temperature
    • Medium Temperature Paint Masking
    • High Temperature Paint Masking
  • 3M Specialty Tapes

    3M Specialty Tapes

    With more than 120 product solutions, the portfolio of 3M Specialty Tapes presents customers with numerous characteristics to evaluate in making the optimum choice for an application.

    Glass Cloth

    • With a choice of high tensile strength glass cloth and silicone, acrylic, or rubber adhesives, this line meets demanding applications for Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, Construction, Marine and more.

    Metal Foil

    • With a choice of comformable backings and adhesives, this line meets demanding applications in Aerospace, Appliance, Tansportation, Construction, Automotive, and MRO segments.


    • With a choice of thin backing calipers and adhesives, this line of tapes meets demanding applications for Graphic Arts, Photography, Metal Finishing and Electronics.

    Slick Surface

    • 3M Slick Surface Tapes meet many application requirements for Printing, Aerospace, Automotive, and MRO.

    Sound Damping Foils

    • With pressure sensitive viscoelastic acrylic polymer on dead soft aluminum foil, 3M Sound Damping Foils quiet noise and reduce vibration in many areas for Aerospace, Automotive, Appliances, Construction and MRO.

    Vinyl & Polyethylene

    • These rugged tapes adhere aggressively and remove cleanly from most surfaces for a wide variety of applications in Automotive, MRO, Construction, Marine, Commercial Vehicle, and other industries.